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What are the supported browsers for this site? utilizes only the most current web technologies. Though any browser that can render HTML 5 and CSS 3 should be able to support our site, we specifically support the following browsers:

•    Chrome (latest version)
•    Firefox (version 6 and later)
•    IE 9
•    Safari 5.1 and later

Why won't certain features work in my browser?

Different browsers support different features. For example the WebGL technology (used to create and display the fan map) currently isn't supported in Internet Explorer. As browsers are updated new features become available. If you are happy with your current browser we recommend that you wait for the next update and see if support for new features is introduced. If you would like to experience the entire site now, we recommend that you try a different browser.

Why can't I find a specific game in your film room?

We are making every effort to get as many games from as many different BYU sports as we can. If we do not have the game you are looking for in our film room, the following reasons could be the cause:

•    The game does not exist in our library that we digitize for use - There are many games over the decades of BYU sports that were never recorded or never recorded by BYU Broadcasting.

•    We do not own the rights - Though we have and continue to try to secure all distribution rights on games BYU played in, we simply are not able to secure all these rights. When we do not have rights, we cannot put it in our film room.

•    We have not digitized it yet - We have a small group of dedicated employees and student employees digitizing our old tapes and film. We are constantly digitizing more games to watch and adding it to our library. Check back regularly to see what we have added recently.

I ordered something from your store. How can I check on the status?

We have partnered with the BYU Bookstore to provide BYU clothing and gear to show your fandom. All orders are handled by the BYU Bookstore. To check on your order, you will need to contact the BYU Bookstore, by visiting their website or calling them Toll Free at 1-(800) 253-2578.

Can I use my Username and Password?


I'm having problems on this site with Safari Private Browsing enabled?

Safari Private Browsing is a setting in Safari used to hide specific user information and limit interaction with the websites that you visit. Several features of this site require interaction with the user and are not compatible with the limitations created by enabling Safari Private Browsing. Some of these features include login, commenting, sharing, and receiving points for certain user interactions. For more information about Safari Private Browsing, click here.

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